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Thanks for the heads up! This same thing happened to me!

Rant time! :D

I have an '08 XLT v6 4x4, and I just bled (well, 90% of the way) the brakes. I ran in to the same issue you did. I managed to get the rear drums bled with a 3/8" and the front right with the same. However, I rounded the front left and couldn't ever get it open. GD it, Ford! On that cursed front left, I tried an 8mm box (too small,) 9mm hose fitting wrench, (too small) 10mm box (too big) 5/16" box (too small) and 3/8" box (just a hair too big!) And double poo on me, I don't have a pair of vice grips! I guess I'll have to get a pair tomorrow when I get the mystery size 9mm hex head socket so I can change the dang brake pads. Why doesn't any auto part store carry that elusive 9mm? They all have 5 piece kits with 7, 8, and 10mm, and 1/4" and 3/8". Grrrr! Oh well, live and learn.


PS I wish I could "agree" with or give props to the initial post. :D
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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