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I am adding this for future use for anyone looking how to install fog lights in their XLS 05-07 escape. I wasnt able to find much information and alot of what I found was a dead end.

Parts needed:

-Fog lights from a 05-07 escape.
Year ranges do matter as different years have different connectors. I got my fog lights off a 2005 escape and they did not match my 2007 so i ended up buying the correct pigtails and splicing them in

-Fog light switch from a 05-07 escape
I dont believe year matters here aside from being from a 05-07 as the switch I got was off a 2005 or 2006 but confirm with the pigtail you have before going to the junkyard.


The bumpers from a 05-07 without the factory fog lights are one piece. It may look like it the fog light covers can be removed but it cannot and must be cut. Use what tool you have handy and start with cutting less first and cut more as you go. I personally used a sawzall and cut off wheel but you dont have to be so barbaric.

Connectors should be there by the horn and horn wiring. They are tied up so you can untie them and connect them to the fog lights. For the switch, pop the side panel on the driver side and pop the blank switch out. Do so by pressing away from the dash towards the driver seat and it should come out with little force. The connector for the switch is connected to the blank switch.


Now this is where i hit dead ends. Most went to the stealership and claim that they "should" be able to program the fog lights but there would be silence after that post and nobody would have an answer if they could or not. I chose not to go to the dealership since I can use the program and equipment for my other ford vehicles.

Even though plug and play, your fog lights will not turn on unless it is programmed. You need to download Forscan and get the 2 month free trail.
You also need an OBDLinkEX which connects to your OBD2 port and your computer. It is important to note that the OBDLinkEX is key because it allows access to MS-CAN & HS-CAN. I had another Bluetooth code reader that was an ELM327 and it only has access to one of the CAN's and i was not able to see the correct configuration.

Once you have FORSCAN installed and the OBD2 reader, follow the instructions below.

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Alternatively, you can use an aftermarket fog light harness, using original housings, and OEM switch.

What you then do, is use the trigger wire from the harness (the white wire) and tap into the original switch's wiring for its trigger to turn the fogs on, eliminating the aftermarket switch.

That's what I did on my 2012 XLS as I didn't have the original pig tails.
A great alternative to those who don't want to purchase the OBDLINK tool since you can usually get an aftermarket herness with lights online for cheaper online nowadays. During my research I did see that the newer escapes didn't have the factory wiring but the first-generation escapes did.
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