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Installing the Power Module inside the access door on the passenger side. In a nut shell:

1. Tap the power from the fuse panel under the hood.

2. Run said wire through the firewall by using the blanking plug previously discussed by others - it was less hassle than forcing the wire through the hood release latch.

3.Run the power wire back down the PASSENGER side. You did not need to remove any kick panels. You tuck the wire under the rug, and use a spoon to force it under the edge of the kick panels. A little body english goes a long way. The wire is exposed nowhere. Not even near the seat belt anchor on the passenger side.

4. Run the power line up into the crawlspace behind the access door. There is already plenty of holes where the ground wire can be mounted.

5. Cut / modify the module wiring - for two reasons. One - to swap left and right signal taps. Two - to get it through the grommet under the bumper cover on the right side.

6. Lead the 4 flat wire through the floppy air vent under the same bumper cover.

7. Run the left-signal tap over the bumper but under the cover on the passenger side to keep it from the muffler.

In summary, it is not difficult at all to make the module work on the passenger side. This keeps the module away from behind the taillight, and keeps it protected.
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