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I feel I owe everyone an apology.

It has been too long since I've given an update.
Trust me, there's nothing I hate more than an incomplete thread, where a fault is specified but no solutuion or follow-up is give.
And because of that, I apologize to everyone who is struggling with this fault, all over the internet.

The Russo-Ukranian war has really taken almost all of my time, for reasons I will not get into.
All I will say, is that I'm not russian or Ukranian, and that I am safe.

This is the part you want to read:
Sadly, for now I cannot report what was causing the problem, but I can say that it was either one of the following 3, or at least a combination of two to all of them.

I replaced the front left abs sensor, the 4wd control box and the rear diff.
This fixed the problem, the fault codes have not returned and the system works as intended.

I still have the original parts and hopefully I'll be able to resolve as to which of them was causing the actual fault.
But please do not hold your breath for it.
I am verry sorry to everyone that I cannot give a definitive answer to the fault, but I hope I can provide one as soon as possible.

However, I am preparing and fixing the car so that I can sell it. With the current fuel prices, It's just nuts to have an early 90's spec 3 litre v6, with a 4 speed traditional automatic.

I hope to find the cause of the problem, I really do.
But I also hope the world will forgive me if I can't meet that objective.

I am so sorry.
You need to forgive yourself… I appreciate the follow up.

It is hard to guess which part fixed your codes, but I would suspect the ABS sensor.
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