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2005 escape. Is this the auto transmission drain plug?

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hi guys

just need some confirmation here, i think this is the plug but its really tight, it takes a 10mm hex bit. I used an allen key but think i might need a bigger tool... any tips?

the plug in the centre, left is towards front of car

this is where it is under the car, its not covered by any splash guard.
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Or take the right size hex key, cut it to an inch or inch and a half long. Insert it into the correct size socket and viola! A usable "socket/hex key/transmission drain plug" wrench. It's a lot cheaper. :angel:
Google this search : central escape transmission flush how to

and you'll find it. I tried pasting the url but it keeps getting masked. I also had to reverse it to say "central escape", otherwise that too gets masked :tease:
When I had to change my trans fluid, I had a trusted trans mechanic do it. He's done work for me rebuild of another Ford tranny. He flushed out the fluid on my '05 and changed the fluid in my transfer case for the price of what it would have cost me to buy the fluid alone.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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