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Apple said:
Does anyone know what the RMS power output specs are on the OEM unit?

Like most stock HU's (those without amplifier power supplies), 10-12 relatively clean watts per channel is all you get.

Aftermarket HU's are about 12-15W.

The subwoofer amp (if equipped) does have a power supply therefore is actually capable of more than these measly numbers, but it is still small.

Aftermarket amps produce far more because they have a power supply. That 12V from the battery is stepped up, which is what you need to make more than roughly 15W at 4ohms with a pair of transistors (push-pull.) This part may seem "technical" but its important to understand that any marketing made to say that there is more watts available (like the infamous 50x4 on most decks) is flat out incorrect. The only time you'd make that much power is for a millisecond on the very peak of a heavily clipped, heavily distorted point in music. In other words, never conditions that MATTER.
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