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I’m looking to get a louder exhaust and new intake system but I’m not to sure what’s best to get I’ve got 22inch wheels on it with chrome trim and facelift
Go to a muffler shop, cut the exhaust pipe before the catalytic converter, and run dual straight pipes, with glasspacks out the back.
There was an old trick of cutting a floorpan open above the exhaust pipe/with a tube welded to the exhaust, so you could dump a little oil in, then you are shooting flames out the back... ( :

I have not seen any vehicle specific intake modifications, but if you look at how a cold air intake works… It should not be hard to duplicate. just make sure you do not bypass the intake filter.

when you start modifying things, you are going to have to change all the other sensors for the vehicle to still work right, and give you the performance that you were looking for... often takes a reprogramming of the CPU

just for instance, you should yank all of the emission system sensors out of a Ford mustang, not just the intake.
The vehicle calibrates off of what are factory set parameters… When you start changing things, you're going to have to change everything else to get benefit.
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