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First took delivery of my new escape, late in december of the year 2006. It has a 2.3 litre four cylinder engine. Admittedly the four pot does not have the grunt of an escape V6 powered model. This does not stress me. I tend to use an economical type of driving style. On long distances it has a mileage that i regard as acceptable. The ABS brake system is quite competent. Stability and traction control is adequate.

The overall styling of escape body pleases me. It is not overdone or too plain. To me it is a nicely designed medium size station wagon. The features i like about it are : All four doors have power windows. Vanity mirror lights for both driver and passenger on the sun visors. The driving/fog combination lights on lower bumperguard. The led technology for tailights and indicators. Cruise control. Steering wheel is height adjustable. There is no telescopic adjust, but this is not really a problem.

Seat back angle and lumbar adjustment, which i regard as sufficient. Interior lights are well positioned. I have a rear cargo bay light. There is a centre roof light with two separate lights either side of it. My other lights are above the rear vision mirror on both sides of the sun glasses holder.

In context of driving the escape is very comfortable. Ford obviously designed the ergonomics to enhance the drivers comfort. I find it to be quite an agile vehicle and also accurate in general steering response. This would apply to keeping a straight line on long stretches, and obviously for those gentle slow corners or the very sharp bends on roads. For a medium size car the parking is a breeze.

Have allways kept the engine serviced rigorously. Providing it is well maintained the four pot 2.3 litre will tick over like a swiss watch. So far i have clocked up 74,000 kms. The engine has never missed a beat and is very competent in its reliability. Actually it is rather a quiet motor when the escape is being driven sensibly. The most noise i hear would be the road sound from my tyres.
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