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I'll first go into detail about the issue I am having.

-When it starts getting about 75 degrees outside and under the hood is warm, I will start the Escape, turn the a/c on, then put it in reverse or drive. When pressing the gas, you can hear the serpentine belt squeal/slip a little and it sounds like the compressor rattles a little (maybe the alternator).

It is still making the noise but it is occurring more often and will sometimes happen after the car has been running awhile and accelerating from a stop. It only lasts like half a second or so during initial movement.

I had this diagnosed at a Ford dealer about a year ago. They said it was the motor mounts getting soft and that they didn't recommend replacing them because of the expense and that it would just come back again. They said that the mounts give enough under the torque that the belt gets just enough slack to slip just a bit.

The Escape now has 57,000 miles on it and I think the powertrain warranty ends at 60k. Here are a couple questions:

1) Does this sound like a motor mount issue?
2) Would this be covered under the powertrain warranty?
3) Any idea how much a reasonable cost to replace the mounts would be?
4) Any recommendation on aftermarket mounts or just go with OEM?
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