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2008-12 Escape Rocker Panel Rust Out Repair

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I haven't removed the plastic cover but I've ripped out massive amounts of rust outboard of the bottom pinch welds.

I'm trying to learn what I'm dealing with. Here are my suppositions:
  • The rocker structure is a box
  • The outboard wall is double construction:
    a) Outer is a massive panel which includes rockers, pillars, sills outlining the doors
    b) Inner is a rocker size w/top pinch welds to the door weatherstripping
I'm pretty sure both outboards are gone (but are solid above the plastic cover.)

So the question is What are my options:
  • Cut an entire assembly from Pull and Pay
  • Inner
    a) from Ford
    b) buy repair panel (whose?)
    c) fab
  • Outer: buy repair panel (whose?)
  • Crude Fab slop job if can keep behind plastic cover.
  • Ignore repair of inner rocker (my bad)
I know there is someone selling inner and outer kit on eBay for $240, but P&P is $60 for both AND they would be correct and possibly a thicker gauge.

If I fab, I would use 18ga or 16ga.
I would also make every effort to keep the fab behind the plastic cover so painting is not an issue. (could achieve same thing by P&P cutout - pieces would not need to be formed. Finding a good one might be difficult - wouldn't be surprised if the inner panel rots away before the outer???

Thoughts, suggestions welcome - also which repair panels are the thickest.
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go to they have patch panels for inner and outer
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