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Thanks for that information JPark. Much appreciated. At least i now, can anticipate what the service technician will do. Considering my escape is not being traded in, have decided to upgrade the existing side steps. Those ' Bladerunner' running boards have enticed me. My relations are happy now, because i am keeping the escape. Eventually i intend to have the ' Lightforce HID240' spotlights installed.

The spotties are very expensive, so i will designate them as a last priority. But the replacement of sidesteps is definitely a benefit. Obviously they will not be pricey, as state of the art spotlights. Hello escapedtroy. Thanks for submitting that photo. Hope you don't mind, but your bladerunner steps have me bugged. My current factory ford standard steps are functional, but their image is a bit too stock standard.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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