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Removal and Installation

1) Remove the instrument panel side finish panel.

2) NOTE: The headlamp switch is removed by pushing from behind.

* Squeeze the tabs and remove the headlamp switch.
* Disconnect the electrical connectors.

3) To install, reverse the removal procedure.

The part numbers for the 2008-2009 Escape and Mariner headlamp switch (with blue lighting) are:

8L8Z-11654-AA - without fog lamps, without autolamps (about $20-$25)
8L8Z-11654-BA - with fog lamps, without autolamps (about $50)
8L8Z-11654-CA - with fog lamps, with autolamps (about $50)

I don't know if the 2008-2009 Tributes also have blue lighting, but the switches listed above will work on those models.
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