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Thank you! We should be doing the back pressure test this morning some time. The HEV side appears to be functioning normally and I can "taxi" around in car parks and at slow speeds for a few mins on full HEV mode. I've learned that the FEH will perform like garbage if the HVTB appears empty (on the display) This has been a big help as, at least I know what is causing the slump and that it is easily recoverable after driving for a few minutes and getting a charge into it. I haven't managed to determine what causes it to occasionally empty out. It seems to happen once or twice a week. The FEH is garaged and not overly hot/cold when I start it. So, that helps when it comes to it really dragging and struggling after a cold start.

I still feel that it could perform better in general but it's acceptable at the moment. Lovely to cruise around in on flat city streets! I have ForScan and a USB ODB reader - that works great for running tests and pulling codes etc. If there are any stats/logs that you think would be useful for me to gather - please let me know and I'll get them.

Your high voltage battery should not be drained dry a couple times a week... much less ever.
You may have bad cells, or a faulty regeneration system.

there are write ups here on how to disassemble, diag, and rebuild your hvtb

dont know if your dtc scan tool can see/test your regeneration sys

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I just wanted to chime in here as an owner of 3 FEHs (2 of the being 2008 MY). I also live in BC and find that no one works on them but I am a huge DIYer and work on all my own stuff to the best of my ability. There's not a ton of information out there regarding FEHs unfortunately, as I assume most of their buyers are not the mechanically inclined or enthusiast types. With that being said there's a lot of misinformation on this thread. All FEHs have electronically controlled throttle bodies. None of them are mechanical and they absolutely do fail. This results in lack of power and poor idle though so you would definitely notice. Typically the RPMs will raise and hang around 3K when not in gear. There would also be a code thrown for the TB and the wrench light will appear in the cluster.

If your AC system isn't fully working you can also experience lack of power. As others have mentioned this is the result of the computer shutting of charging to the HV battery. If it doesn't cool down enough it'll eventually deplete and then you'll really notice the difference. With zero electrical assistance these Atkinson cycle motors are extremely gutless. The cars really aren't designed to be operated like this though so you'd never realize it. You can also have charging be disabled due to heat with zero codes and signs from the computer. If you notice in cold weather (15 degrees or less) that it drives normally, this is where I'd be investigating.

Hope this helps!
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