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Just curious if anyone has attempted to "upgrade" a manual hvac system into a Dual Zone, with Automatic Temp control.

I've got a 2008 XLT with the external temp, and automatic headlights (sun load sensor) -- I have the shop manuals and it looks pretty straight forward. I pulled a DATC (cables, sensors, main heater/blower box) from a wrecked 2008 mariner, and just hooked up the DATC controls in my 2008 to see what would happen -- and the main display instantly knew it was attached, and you could dial up and down the seperate temperatures on the display, obviously the fan didn't come on since it's different and has a different cable -- but that was a good step forward.

If you've tried this, or have thought about it, let me know your thoughts!

- Frank

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There's probably some custom wiring or custom connector you would need to make to get the factory-installed (manual) connector to work properly with the replacement (automatic). But, hey, if this can be done, I'm in.

Got any pictures of the parts you pulled?
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