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2009 Ford Escape AWD V6 XLT Instrument Cluster Issues

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So I've been having some weird issues with my cluster on this vehicle since I bought it. Tach was always lower than it should be. Then I ran out of gas as it was still reporting some, but apparently it was empty. I ended up going through the gauge sweep test thing and adjusted the needles on the two so they show properly now (at least I think). Then my speedo started giving weird reading. Sometimes accurate, then other times it would start at like 10 and everything would be off by that amount. Just random. I've had it change between incorrect and correct different days of the week back to back. Really strange. I know there is history of bad clusters in these cars so I'm thinking about either sending it away to get repaired, or just buying a used unit and swapping it in. I have an OBDLink and Forscan so I should be able to reprogram the used unit.

Is there much difference between years and models and engine sizes/types in regards to clusters? It seems like they're pretty much the same minus AWD and the extra info screen at the bottom. Can I get a higher end unit with the screen and gain that functionality?

Side note: My remote start also stop functioning and I'm wondering if it has something to do with the cluster issues also. I'm really hoping it's not a wiring harness issue, so I'm gonna try the cluster route first.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Good advice above. Next, run key on-engine off (KOEO) & key on - engine running (KOER) self demand test with a scanner
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