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Thank you HybridArchitect. :) I enjoyed giving your article a thorough perusal. It was sufficiently informative in context of upgraded technology. This is only an opinion, but i regard hybrid engineering and turbo diesels as the way of the future. There will be some who choose to disagree. I have respect for their point of view and they are entitled to it. :)

Not sure ,how things are proceeding over in melbourne and sydney. For adelaide i am keeping my finger on the pulse. The pricing for petrol is escalating all the time. There are a lot of six and V8 cylinder motorists about the place, but their numbers are declining. Because of increased fuel costs, a lot more four cylinder powered cars are being driven. They are all over the place. In context of car yards, all of the second hand six cylinder and V8 aspirated vehicles are very slow to sell.

I am not exagerrating ,that some of these sedans can be seen for quite a few months parked in the dealers lot. My car dealership inspections are reasonably thorough, because i am interested in turbo diesel technology. There will be the random early model V8, or possibly an early vintage six pot holden. With all due respect i apologise in advance. These are my thoughts when i am analysing current events: Oh! my goodness! Are those bloody things still parked in there? Interesting. That old holden commodore has been there about three months by now. Could it be that petrol costs are a factor?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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