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2010 Audio Systems

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Here are the factory wiring diagrams for 2010 Escapes and Mariners. I've also included connections for the parking brake and the park position transmission switches.

Direct image link: ... dio1-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio2-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio3-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio4-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio5-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio6-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio7-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio8-1.jpg

Direct image link: ... dio9-1.jpg

Here's the connection to the park position switch on the shifter assembly:

Direct image link: ... ktrans.jpg

Here's the connection to the parking brake:

Direct image link: ... rake-1.jpg
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You should be able to operate the navigation via voice commands, even while the car is moving. I know I can do it in mine. I have factory navigation and the 302A (reverse camera, parking sensors, and Homelink-like visor buttons) package.

I'd need to look at the diagrams much more closely to figure out how to enable video while driving. Just a guess here, but since Ford now uses the network busses to control many of the functions, you may not be able to do this by simply disconnecting a wire. And unless I didn't see it, I don't think that the VSS wire is even connected to the audio system anymore---it's multiplexed into the network bus.
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