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2010 Axle Seal leak

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So I thought I would be lucky. I thought I would be safe from having to worry about leaks, transmission problems, shaft seals etc. Nope. Brought the Escape in for its' first 5k oil change. They noted a leak in the right front axle seal. They said I needed to make an appointment and have it done during the day as they do warranty repairs during the day shift (I was there at 6pm).

So while they were printing up everything I talked to the service desk guy. I said that I paid $27,000 for a vehicle that needs a seal replaced in less than 3 months. I said I work all day, just you you, and I don't have time to bring it back and sit in the lounge for 3 hours "during the day". I said I would like a loaner for the day and they can work on it tomorrow. I basically said I don't want to drive a vehicle that is leaking. Period. he said it was not leaking that bad and I could schedule something. I re-iterated that the vehicle was less than 3 months old and I was not going to drive it until it was fixed.

he said Ford does not provide a rental unit for this type of repair. I said fine then Tasca (dealer) can step up to the plate and provide me with one. They have an enterprise rent-a-car inside the dealership. he said that he couldn't but "Bruce" the parts/Service Director could do something. I walked into his office and informed him that I had a less than 3 month old car leaking fluid from the transfer case/axle seal. he looked at it and agreed that I should not have to come back and sit and wait for it. he provided me with a car for free, put down that the truck gets done tomorrow by the best tech and to talk to him on the deal.

So at least I got to leave the vehicle there for the fix and pick it back up tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about the whole leaking thing, but at least it is getting fixed now. What a bummer.
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The good news keeps on rolling. Anyone have a schematic breakdown of the part in question or a good description of the issue? That way when they say it is "all set" I can ask if they replaced x and y parts. I assume this is the half-shaft issue that I havew seen all over the place. Starts with needing a seal and then turns into needing a new half-shaft part that includes a new bushing and seal since the part looks to be defective on all of the issues I have read about. Apparently Ford knows about this and they are are trying to NOT fix them appropriately. We shall see. The Elantra rental is a POS.
Thanks for the link. I just talked to the dealer. They are going to replace both seals (right and left) and should have it back tomorrow. It may also be the PTU issue I have also read about. Just add that to the list of things to keep track of..
Yes there are a bunch of TSB I found so far:

09-22-07 - LH Half Shaft Leak (superseded by 10-01-05)
10-01-5 - New TSB 9change is that they now offer a bushing/seal seperate form the entire half shaft)
09-4-4 - PTU TSB
The dealer called and said the vehicle is all set. Both seals replaced. We shall see how long they last. I will have them show me when I pick it up exactly where the seals are so I can check them. One sign of a return leak and it goes back.
They replaced the right and left front axle seals. That was it. The work order listed the seal replacement, cleaned the axles, checked for any wear and reassembled. Checked for leaks afterwards.
kek7648 said:
I have a 5 month old 2009 Escape 4 cylinder and the axle seal started leaking. This then began a chain of events that are as follows:
Engine started bucking, no engine light went on
Engine would not shift from 1st to 2nd smoothly- although it is automatic transmission
front driver side axle needed to be completely replaced due to axle seal leaking

they will not pay for a rental and they do not have a loaner system at this dealership. the car is on the lift, no front tires and the engine is in pieces.

I received confirmation dealership this is a wide spread issue and the parts are hard to come by since they are in the midst of a 'remodel'.

I will never get another ford and if anyone buys this car, good luck!
Ouch. Not a terrific 1st post huh? I will keep checking those seals. It is either a.) fixed and no leaks or b.) not fixed and it keeps leaking. If it keeps leaking I will go back 50 times if needed. Each and everytime I go back I will demand a rental or loaner of some sort. I paid for an extended warranty and I WILL get a working vehicle one way or another.
ophiruchus said:
This thread is making me slightly nervous. Next Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of ownership (and nearly 15,000 miles of driving. nuts.) and I'm wondering if I need to start looking for this leakage business.
I think that everyone that owns a newer Escape owes it to themselves to check OFTEN. I do now about once a week. I shine the flashlight from under the hood downward and from under the car upward. So far knock on wood no other leaks. I don't have any bucking, hesitation, mis-shifts or anything else like that pertaining to the transmission. I also chek the oil and tranny fluid regularly to keep an eye on things. Same deal - I check the dip sticks and look for any leaks underneath.
I look once a week or so for drips or anything. Checked tonight and knock on wood there is nothing I can see.
Last 8 of my 2010 VIN # is AKA#####.

Where does that fall in the grand scheme of Escape assembly? I had both front L/R seals replaces due to a leak. No visible leaks since the 5k oil change/seal replacement.
H4XOR said:
I love this car though... so they're going to keep fixing it until the warranty is expired. There is a lemon law in NH but I'm going to get my money out the wheels, tires + other mods I've done before I get rid of it. Hopefully it won't come to that though! :wacko:
I agree. For now my leak has stopped. But if it continues I will bring it back once a week if needed until it is resolved. RI has a lemon law as well. Documentation is the key. Make sure you get a copy of all of the dealer paperwork that has dates, issues and what they did to fix it. Ford will not tolerate multiple, repeat warranty issues that the dealer sends them. I have the extended factory warranty so I get a rental/loaner in the event my car is not driveable and takes longer than a day to return it. That is a dealer thing as Ford does not "give" a loaner for warranty service items (or something like that)....
I would rather pay $35K and have a seal replaced than pay $35K and not be able to stop.
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