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2010 Escape (3 days old) leather problem

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I just noticed the driver seat (right side bolster) appears to have the dye from my jacket bleeding hrough it along with a section on the armrest. Anyone encounter this and it is only 3 days old. I detail cars and have never encountered this as I cannot clean/remove the dye.
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I've had this happen on our Lexus RX300 that we once owned. The black die from my wife's jacket bled into the seat. It's not the car's issue, it's the jacket. I had a very difficult time removing the stain and I never did get it all out. Try Pristine Clean from Leatherique, it's great stuff. You can call Leatherique before you buy it and they will discuss the problem with you.
See here for Leatherique:
kkreit01 said:
^ True that. Most all cars built in NA are not "true leather". Some very few, high end European cars may have real (uncoated) leather.

Article below: ... eather.cfm
Lexus has used coated seats for many years. Even on coated seats, some say leather conditioners are still good if you work the conditioner into the seams and stitching. I've used Leatherique conditioner on my Escape's leather seats, and it definately gave the leather a more softened and natural look. I did the water test and the Escape's seats seem to absorb a little water. In contrast, our Lexus seats clearly just allows the water to sit on the surface.
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