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2010 Escape (3 days old) leather problem

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I just noticed the driver seat (right side bolster) appears to have the dye from my jacket bleeding hrough it along with a section on the armrest. Anyone encounter this and it is only 3 days old. I detail cars and have never encountered this as I cannot clean/remove the dye.
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kkreit01 said:
If it's "from your jacket", I doubt the dealer will be responsible. Pics?
No pics....sorry and I doubt it would show up in the photo. Having said this, it seems like a fairly rare problem once I googled it. I have a hard time believing one should settle for a car seat that doesnt protect itself from something like this after paying $40k to Ford they better do something.
ajc6882 said:
Someone slipped a florescent pink paper flyer in my window and it landed on my the lighter grey leather down the center of my seat and it drizzled on it through the sunroof and when I lifted the paper the pink had transfered to the leather. (the funny thing is that it was for a car detailer). I was able to remove it with rubbing alcohol and a white terry cloth. The key is not to rub it too much. just blot. After the alcohol drys you have to apply some leather conditioner to renew the moisture of the leather. This takes time. I did it over a couple days. It took 95% out. The remaining 5% faded out over a couple days. I rubbed conditioner on it a few times over the following days till it faded. Just remember to test it out on an area that doesnt show. It's been over 3 years now and the leather is still fine.

40K for a Ford Escape? Holy Cow. That seems high?
I am in Canada and the truck was $38k+ taxes of 13% and the other crap. Having said this, I didn't pay this much as I had a trade and got a great deal.
I have been doing some research and I am not convinced the "leather" seats in the Escape are in fact leather. It appears as though it may be coated plastic/leather (someone correct me if you know). This has an impact on the cleaning options. Unfortunately, any alcohol based product is detrimental (sp) to the surface regardless of leather or vinyl etc... I am bringing the Escape to Ford next Wednesday to have them look at it. Most people won't see it but I know it is there. My 2 options are to have a company called fibrenew (google them as I have used them many times on my collector cars) as they will re-dye the portion for about $75-$100 or I can order a new "leather" seat cover from Ford for $140.00 online.

1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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