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2010 Escape DRLs

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Hi everyone,

Since my Escape is an us version, i don't have DRLs standard. However i've read, somewhere in the forum that the DRLs are a standard function in the SJB, so i was wondering if there is any way to get them to work.

This is mainly since in the city is not required by law to have DRLs, however in highways and in rural ways, it is required to have the low beams on at all times. Sometimes i forget to turn them on (since i leave the switch in auto mode in the city) when i go out of the city, so i want to turn de DRLs function on, so i dont have to worry about a ticket for this reason.

Thanks a lot!
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I also have a 2010 Escape, canadian version - with the DRL. The headlight controls are completely computer controlled, including the DRL, so you may be able to get your dealer to plug in their programmer to the smart junction box and turn on that function...
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