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2010 escape transmission recall

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I've had my 2010 escape xlt since the end of march and the transmission already needs disassembled and put back together with a rebuild kit. My issue is how does this affect my resale value in the future and does it show up on carfax reports and the like? This whole issue was brought about by a recall notice so it never really showed any concern for me prior to the notice but my dealer looked at it today to run the load test and said it needs rebuilt. The service advisor told me my powertrain warranty remains the same. With only 9000 miles on it i'm quite concerned. The recall number from ford is 10B15 and it regards the transmission solenoid regulator valve bore. Any insight is appreciated!

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I agree with moose; if it isn't done in the recall, any future purchaser will ask you to take care of it.
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