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2010 Ford escape front speaker issues

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Hi All,

I have a 2010 Ford Escape XLT w/SYNC. I don't have the premium audio package.

I've been having some issues with my front speakers for a while, they would cut in and out, and were generally scratchy (scratchiness I can attribute to a worn out voice coil). I got a free factory pair along with some interior I swapped these in, and they seem to be just as bad...cutting in and out randomly.

I finally wired in a set of aftermarket JVC speakers (soldered directly to the bad connections here) and they sound great when they are working...but they cut out as well. I'm at the point that I think there might be a stereo/wiring issue. I could dive deep and figure it out for myself, but perhaps someone has had a similar problem in the past, and knows what the issue was?

I'm leaning towards a break in the wiring harness somewhere, as the audio comes and goes randomly....and when it's gone, it's completely gone (not even anything from the tweeter...).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Ivan
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It could be the stereo head, but most likely not. I recommend checking the where the speaker wires exit the body to the doors. The flex point. Open both door, turn the radio on with engine off. Move one door at a time. Do the speakers act up? Grab the harness between the doors and vehicle body, both sides, does it act up?
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