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Hey Guys and Gals,

I am new to the forum. I traded my 05 Mustang (because it has been dying a long, slow horrible death since it rolled 10K miles. I am the proud owner of a 2010 Sterling Grey Escape with Camel leather interior. It is an 2.5L XLT with automatic and 204a package. I love it, but am missing some of the aluminum interior appointments of the Mustang.

Here is what I am looking for advice on:
1. I like the chrome trim on the Limited's air vents. I would take that, but prefer brushed aluminum.
2. The interior door handles (front and rear); will the ones from the Mustang fit? They look identical. I like the brushed aluminum look and feel in the Mustang far better than my current black or chrome from the Limited.
3. Exterior side view mirrors; is there is company that makes body color mirror covers? something akin to the limited's body color mirrors?
4. Exterior door handles; any brushed aluminum covers or replacement parts?

I realize for most of the factory parts, it might be easier to get parts from a wrecked one; that may be my primary option as I am having difficulty finding parts on e-bay or online.

I appreciate the help!


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I'll answer questions 3 and 4. Since you bought an Escape with a color that can also be found in Limited Trim (unlike me, with my Sport Blue), you might be able to score some parts off wrecked, and similarly-colored, Escapes. I scored a pair of painted-black side view mirrors (albeit one of them has a small scratch which should be easy to fix) off eBay for $60 shipped. Same with the colored door handles... as for brushed aluminum though, you're on your own! Enjoy your ride!
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