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Just added an OEM rear view camera to my 2011 Mercury Mariner v6 with OEM Navigation. This addition is 100% OEM using Ford parts (except that 2 wires are from Home Depot). This post should apply to 2010-2011 Escape Mariner as they share the same wiring diagram. 2012 Escape may work. But 2008-2009 is different because liftgate harness 13B472 is different.

Step 1 Inspection of existing wiring
Removal of center console cover, navigation panels, liftgate panel, license trim, ceiling (headliner)...... I found all instructions on youtube.

This is what I found:

Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Plan

I found camera wiring was PARTIALLY installed from navigation unit to C913 and C914. (Your car may be different. Check your wiring.)

Detail: Disconnect battery, check all connectors from navigation to liftgate:

C240D: Back of navigation unit. Remove navigation panel and pull navigation unit half way out. You don't have to disconnect any plug. C240D is the second plug from driver side. It should only have 2 wires (white-green and brown-violet). Yes they are both there.

SJB and Fuse #32: Smart Junction Box is located on center console, right side. There is a square relay in the middle, surrounded by small fuses. Fuse #32 is a red 10A fuse mounted vertically, next to upper-right corner of the relay. It supplies power to camera via CBP32 wire. Yes it is there on my car.

C316: Center console, right side. Just below SJB and above floor. Check Pin 20 21 22 which are bottom 3 wires facing attachment to the metal bracket. Yes all 3 wires exist ON BOTH SIDES of C316.
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So far, so good, is it?

C913 and C914: Top of right D-pillar. Remove C and D-pillar cover, remove a few tether anchors, clips, ceiling light, and peel back that corner of ceiling. Here I discovered my problem:
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Liftgate: No trace of camera wiring or connector.

Step 2 Adding Camera and Wiring
I needed:
  1. The camera. I bought a used "Ford Escape license trim with camera" from ebay. It includes C495, C4234, the camera, and camera holder (black plastic piece in middle of trim). Price range from $100 to $200.
  2. The missing wiring from C913 C914 to C495. If you are lucky you may find a used COMPLETE liftgate harness 13B472 (complete = it has full wires in C913 C914, and has C495). I couldn't find one on ebay. So I had to rebuild it.
I bought a duplicate incomplete 13B472 ($30 from ebay, which is exactly same as mine) only to extract its pins in C913 C914 to complete my 13B472. I also bought a C495 pigtail ($40 from Rockauto). Wires can be cut from Home Depot for 30c per ft. 6 ft is more than enough. Buy 18 gauge stranded wires. The shielded wire has 3 conductors and the bare conductor is for circuit DMP19. If you just splice or solder wires then you only need wires. However with OEM connectors it looks good and is easier to swap parts.
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This is what I did:

Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Diagram


Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Number

I am not including C914 diagram due to upload limit. It is simple: only needed to add Pin 3 which is ground (circuit GD149)


Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Pattern

Step 3 Installation
Completed harness:
Slope Font Handwriting Electric blue Rectangle

Install the harness from between car and liftgate. Insert wires into rubber boot holes on both sides. On liftgate side, I used fishing wire to guide C495 down right side channel inside the liftgate.
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Step 4 Reprogram the Navigation
Get a Forscan OBD device, install forscan, get 2 month trial license. After comparing my As-built data against a few VINs with same year model with navigation+camera, I found the difference.

Module: ACM
Address: 727-01-01
Value: xxxx xxxx Ax6x

Change hex number A->B. The actual binary change is only one bit: 1010->1011 so the 4th bit is the camera-controlling bit.
Also changed hex 6->7 because other VIN's as-builit has 7 here. From forscan forum the last 2 hex numbers appear to be checksum.

Turn on car, shift to reverse:
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Showing the Ford Escape license trim on a box. Image quality is not as good as my 4K TV but I have no complaint. It is a 11 year old camera that arrived in rough condition. I've done my best (2 video wires VMP19 and RMP19 are inside shield per diagram. The bare shield wire broke near C4234 due to corrosion but I replaced it with a few inches of my wire. )
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