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2011 Blown Speaker

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Howdy y'all! I just blew a speaker in my 2011 XLT with the stock system and was going to upgrade to the premium system. I know I need the factory sub and amp as well as the two way front speakers. The only difficulty is I can not find the interior piece that covers the sub and amp. Also, will I need to flash my cars computer in order to make the sub and others work properly? I only have the stock 4 speaker setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I assume you mean you are planning to swap the stock HU for another stock HU of the premium (but non-NAV) variety... This will work fine without any programming. The big thing you will be lacking is the wring for the sub since your vehicle did not come with a stock sub. Behind the HU you need to add the harness for the sub (has the third smaller connector to the HU). This along with the associated power wires need to go all the way back to the stock sub location.
I talked to my aftermarket guy and he referred me to his sound guy and he said that I don’t really need to add a sub. He recommended I just replace the current setup to get more clarity and heavier hits in the bass. All and all for 4 speakers and install with warranty is $350 USD.
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