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2011 Escape...Q's before buying

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I want to downsize from our 2008 Grand Caravan into a 2011 Escape (XLT 3.0L 4WD) as the van proved to be just to big and cumbersome for everyday use. However, my family and I are avid campers and I know that the Escape will not be big enough to carry our gear on its own, so we will definitely need a good rooftop carrier and perhaps a cargo carrier for the hitch.

I know the Escape will be perfect for everyday use, but I do have a few questions that I would like to pose to you experts before we make our purchase (I will also ask my salesman, but he is obviously biased):

1. The factory roof rack supports 100lbs...if I buy some better cross-rails from Thule/Yakima can I increase this number, or is it actually limited by the Escape's roof?

2. The factory hitch is 1.25" and I would prefer to get a 3rd party 2" hitch...are there any reasons why I should not be doing this?

3. We have 2 kids (3 & 6 yo) who will fit comfortably in the back with no problems, but we may want to squeeze a 3rd kid into the back from time-to-time...has anyone had any luck fitting 3 booster seats into the back safely?

I appreciate any answers you can provide, they will definitely make my decision easier!
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LoadWarrior Yakima roof basket[/URL].
Bought it on sale at Canadian tire for $259....great bag/box and easier to store than a box, but waterproof (unlike a cargo bag)
Hey everyone,

Thanks again for answering my questions!

Just thought I should end the thread by saying that I did end up buying a 2011 Escape V6 4WD. So far I'm loving it...but my drivers side mirror seems distorted to me, I will have to talk to the dealer about that when they do their follow-up call.
Congratulations for the new escape. :thumb: :welcome:
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