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Hoping for some guidance. Removed the trailing arm - now need to press out the bushing. It looks like it is 52mm or 2 1/16th diameter. Is there a bushing press to buy?

I see there are expensive kits, I am trying to do it cheaper than if I give the arms to a shop to press out.

Help is appreciated!

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I ended up taking it off and having a machine shop push it out, and push in a new one. The old bushing has a very narrow wall and is difficult to remove.
Hey James, sorry for the lack of response. Posts get buried rapidly here sometimes.
I hope the machine shop did not charge you much, but the only solution was buying your own shop press.
Small ones work, but big H frame ones are best. You don't use them often, and they take up a lot of room.
Thank you for following up on your solution, may the force be with you, Jedi. ( :
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