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I swear no matter what I do it won't stop leaking when I get a car wash any help will be big help! Thank you!!! Newbie around here but this is my second escape first one was a bright yellow 2001. Anywho it's summer I want a carwash so bad and I take very good care of my car just spent 3 grand on rims and tires.
Welcome to the city, sugarlover.
you likely have plugged drains in the sunroof. with it open you would probably see standing water around the seal. You have to be careful rooting out the drains with a coat hanger.
Go by your favorite car wash, and use their vacuums to clean out anything in the cavity. You should see the little drain holes once you get it cleaned out, depending on how tall you are ( : Stand in the seats poking your body up through the sunroof if necessary.
You could also YouTube a video on how to do it.

if it is leaking from somewhere else, let us know. I like that color btw ( :
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