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2011 Parking assist module

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Hello, I have a 2011 V6. My Dash info screen is giving me a "check Rear Parking Aid" message and wont beep. I checked for any "clicking sound" like many people online say but don't hear anything. I have replaced all 4 sensors but still nothing.
Next up is to look at the fuses? I think i have checked the correct ones (based on
) and they seem to be working.
finally the Parking Module correct? Have not tested this as i am not sure where it is or what to do. Any suggestions or help?
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Thanks for all the help and suggestions! I will pick up a scanner tomorrow and hopefully get some codes.
Does anyone know where the PAM is actually located in a 2011?
wow amazing! thank you so much!
Hopefully i can test the speaker as well. there is a scrapyard close by so hoping i can pull anything that i need from there! Assuming the PAM is going to be the same for all 2008-2012 escapes? I see these years often linked.
Hi all,
I bought a scanner and the codes are as follows.
They all say there is a circuit short to ground or open. So i guess that makes sense on why all 4 wont work. I just am not sure where to go from here. I am no mechanic or electrical clearly lol!
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Hey @dwightbresemann. The basics of a multimeter yes, but not sure how to specifically test this situation. I know i sound really stupid but i have to thank everyone here for being nice about these things. I am crafty and hands on, but motors/electric are not my skill set. Woodworking is! I am just frustrated that to pass a safety on a car i have always owned (changing provinces so need a new safety) i need to sort this out. I hardly think it is a safety concern seeing as half the cars on the road in my area are old beaters with 80% rust!
Still trying to figure out how to test the circuits on the PAM connectors but am struggling to understand :p on a side note, I pulled the speaker off of the PAM and it has 0 Ohms reading so my understanding is that it should not be the issue. any additional info regarding how to actually test the connector would be amazing! once again sorry for being so stupid!
Hi, I have the results. Battery is running low at 12.09 (Its been -30C the past few weeks for me and I have been running all sorts of tests). When I back probe to the best of my abilities, I am only reading 0.39..... so not even close to 12 lol.
well i guess i should clarify something. There is no button for me to turn on the parking aid on. Its just a pop up on my dash that says "yes" or "no". but no matter what i do, it doesn't let me select either. it just appears for a second, then gives me an error message that i cant go back from
Hi, I got a better reading this round. It looks like it was reading at 11.67 at the battery and 10.94 at the PAM. I was able to properly backprobe each slot. Now what lol! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
Checked the signals. My meter only doesnt do 10 volts but i still tested it. Strangely it is reading just a bit lower then the natural battery power of the vehicle.
Car battery was reading 10.6 today and this test was 9.99 so not sure what that means.
The 9.99 Volts was for pins 9 and 12. I am not sure how I am getting this reading if it is only supposed to be a 5 Volt circuit. Could the PAM just be completely shot and thus causing this?
Hi, I charged up the battery and am reading 12.3 for the battery and 11.89 for the pin 9-12 test.
It doesn't look like there is any corrosion or any damage to the PAM.
Is there a second main grounding spot for the car? Maybe on the chassis itself? Could the ground that they are attached to be shorting out on the ground of the chassis? Im not sure if that makes any sense!
Ugh, bought a new PAM and installed it. Still not working!!! still a similar reading of over 11 volts!
I am unsure what that means, to be honest. I bought it from a scrapyard (They tested it so i know its working) and it came from the same year and make of my escape. How do I program it?
@dwightbresemann I noticed my Trailer hookup doesnt seem to be working anymore. It worked before the winter. Could that have anything to do with my current issue? thinking if the ground isn't secure, it would cause both to malfunction?
@dwightbresemann. Glad to hear about the PAM not needing programming. That was way over my head!
I was inspecting all the wires and I found a cut in the Blue and *********** wire just after it comes out of the inside of the car going to all of the sensors. I cut it and tested the power, its only reading at 0.30. I didn't have a clean ground source in sight but used the chassis of the car to ground off of. Any input on this? Is that helpful lol!
@dwightbresemann, Ok so then if I back probe the Green Wire with White stripe, and the Blue wire with White Stripe then I should be able to get a full 5 volt circuit. Would that be correct?

I was really hoping that by finding that power issue, it would be working but not yet!
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