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Hello all from Honduras, this is my first post

#1 sorry for english,
#2 I search info, but no find anythig like my problem.

Escape 2012 2.5lts XLT automaic 4x2 55k-milles

the car run normal but, 3 days ago, arriving to home, the light as "check engines" and a "tool" come turn on, in this same minute the throttle issue come, the car shit-transmission very well, but the engine have problemas to acelerate RPM up 1500 or more.

I get a scan and show this codes:
#01 P0403
#02 P0010
#03 P0102
#04 P0135
#05 P0141
#06 P0446
#07 P0403
#08 P0443
#09 P0102
#10 P0010
#11 P0135
#12 P0141

Please your help to try figereout what exacly piece I need to replace, I dont think many part can faiil on the same second :(


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It might be a blown fuse. Look for the fuse box on the engine compartment & check if #26 or #29 fuses are OK.
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