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Maybe you could post a few pictures of the top of each engine. That should allow those who know them to identify what you have.
The PATS system could be messing with the power to the starter as it disables the starter(I think) when it does not recognize an authorized key.
A 2012 is a lot newer vehicle than I would expect to be headed for the boneyard. With current 'situation' I expect a 4 cylinder of that size would be an in-demand vehicle. Unless it has other damage, it would likely be worth fixing.
Did you check the 8th digit of the VIN? A '3' is a 2.5l Hybrid, and a '7' is a non-hybrid 2.5l. The hybrid is available from car dash part dot come at varying prices. 30-odd pages of results. There were over 100 pages of results for the non-hybrid. In most cases, the hybrid will not have VVT and the non-hybrid will have the more 'sophisticated' engine. 2010-2011-2012 Fusions were common to the non-hybrid engines offered to fit the Escape.
An example from the middle of the 1st page of results was a 2010 Milan 2.5 for $300, with 70,000 miles. This is an image from a 2012 escape:

I do not know the parts, but it appears it has a cam sensor on the front cam at the front end of the engine.
Can you return the engine purchased and swap for a model that matches? Depending on your source, most places that are not self-serve will allow that.
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