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2012 Escape All Dash Lights Came On While Driving And Car Won't Start Anymore

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Hi all,

I was driving today when all of a sudden all of my indicator lights on my dash came on. The car was still driving normal and the gas, along with the speed, was working properly. The temperature wasn't though. All of the lights suddenly turned off not a minute later, then they came back on in about the same, but stayed on for 5 minutes (until I arrived at my deatination).

When I got to my destination, I turned the car off and tried turning it back on to see if the lights would go away, but the car wouldn't even start back up. The electronics were still working though, so the battery isn't toast. No cranking happening when I turn the key either.
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Something important to note is that I just hit a deer not too long ago, it messed up the driver's side front of the vehicle, and you can see the damage in the image attached.

What do you think is wrong with my car?? Anything would help! Thank you!
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With limited information, as to no tests or code scanning performed, I'll go out on a limb and say, maybe the alternator is failing or failed. Now the vehicle is running on battery only. When the battery went low, the dash lights came on. Then the vehicle died when the voltage went too low. Later, the battery recovered a little. Enough to turn on the dash light, but not enough to crank the vehicle.
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