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2012 Escape Limited 2.5 Engine stall and Idle sometimes awkward

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I have had a check engine on for a good while now. After changing the vapor canister purge valve and the O2 sensors, it's still not clearing from the catalytic convertor. I know it needs cleaning or replacing which is not easy to get to. The plugs are good. About 195,000 miles.

What would be a good part to replace to maybe help the stall?

I've tried running Lacquer Thinner thru fuel to clean the catalytic converter, at this juncture just can't see the headache in dealing with replacing or getting to the cat with the age of the vehicle.
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I'm going to order two new coils and put 4 new plugs in. I'll also go ahead and take a look at the Throttle Body as well.
I agree with Pyro, Don't throw money at your vehicle, complete your testIng my friend. If you pull your throttlebody, make sure you only use throttlebody cleaner on it.
There is no reason to do anything halfway when replacing parts, if you got the cash, replace them all.
OK. I sprang for another 2. I'll replace all 4 coils and all 4 plugs. With almost 190,000 miles, proabably a good idea. I replaced the Valve Cover Gasket on my 2012 after my daughters 2010 failed. I had some browning on Cylinder 1 and just went ahead and replaced. I have the the pulleys I ordered that still need installed. My nephew suggested it was a cheap replace after he installed my new radiator and thermostat.
Get your vehicle up to running temperature, and park on a loading dock ramp, or something otherwise similarly steep. It is difficult to purge all of the air bubbles out of a system without doing this.
Just another fun suggestion ( :
I don't know why your pulleys needed to be replaced, the only thing I would be concerned about is your water pump with a new radiator(this is usually the only thing recommended when replacing a radiator, besides the thermostat)
To your knowledge, was any stop leak ever added to the system? Did the old radiator fail, if so, why.
New Throttle Body did help performance of throttle response, but not the stall. I got all the other parts down to my nephew. Plugs were pretty rough and one broke off but he's got tools for that. The CAT he said was a little clogged and had a chunk missing out of the honey comb. He said he didn't see the debris so it's definitely bad. I'm confident now the new CAT should fix the issues as I was getting 22-23 mpg before I started with any code issues. Been running around 17-18 with all these stall issues, sometimes lower.
bro, let us know how it goes… I can definitely see a plugged catconverter being an issue

Breaking off spark plugs?!
your car has not been maintained. I would look at the(an) owners manual and see everything that has been required for your vehicle up to your current mileage, and then do it.

don't ignore codes.
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