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If that drip was causing problems, then what would it do when it got road splash or rain? I do not think the condensate drain is causing a problem that makes the rack noisy. Some are just noisy when cold, and when the seals warm up a bit, they quit making noise. I think the seal hardens with age and the heat of the engine & heat of being used. Then they have slight seepage, and that can cause noise.
You could get a length of hose, clamp it onto the drain outlet and direct it forward or aft of the rack to see if it changes things, but I expect it will do nothing about the noise.
The rack is waterproof by design. And if not, then has failed, and will either leak power steeing fluid over time, or will get harder to use as it rusts internally. I do not think either is the case, but the possibility exists.
The drying may be coincidental with it getting warm...
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