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2015 Ford Escape- Bluetooth Issues

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Good morning! Hoping to get some guidance or last ditch efforts before I roll my car into the shop or the ocean. I have a 2015 Ford Escape SE and for the last year or so at least once a month the bluetooth media disconnects, once this starts it's a downhill spiral of not even being able to click my bluetooth button on the car. Master reset doesn't work, I've pulled the fuse under the passenger glovebox for sync, a couple weekends ago I pulled the battery fuses under the hood to reset it all and now nothing comes on for bluetooth. It shows the bluetooth screen but no BT or USB option just a low battery icon with Sync. No devices are paired anymore I cleared those out when it first started, I just can't get it back on. Usually the issue resolves after a few days but ever since the battery pulls it won't come back. Is there anything else I can do to get this back on or is a trip to the dealer necessary? Has anyone else had this big of a bluetooth pain in their car? I don't want to replace the whole radio over bluetooth but I'm about to just replace the dang car with how annoyed I get. I called the dealer and they said maybe an update? But not sure how an update would resolve it not kicking on at all. Thank you in advance!
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