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2018 Escape Titanium AGM OEM Battery Replacement, BSM Reset and Auto Start/Stop Feature

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I replaced my original 2018 OEM battery from a Ford dealership. I was told to drive it around for 8 hours or so, and the BMS would reset itself. The auto start/stop off/on feature in the instrument cluster did not work when checked. My only option is to hit the off button on my center console panel. Anyway, I went back to the dealership today and had them reset the BMS with their scanner tool. Same issue. Ever since I owned my Escape new, I had this auto start/stop feature turned off all the time without using the console button. What gives?


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Dear Sir,

Thank You so much for the easy fix of the stop start function in our 2017 Ford Escape SE. I followed your instructions and the fix worked perfectly. I had a new battery installed 12 months ago while on vacation in Florida. The stop start would only work intermittantly. Now it appears to work all the time Thank You.
Frank Mahoney
1 - 1 of 6 Posts