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I replaced my original 2018 OEM battery from a Ford dealership. I was told to drive it around for 8 hours or so, and the BMS would reset itself. The auto start/stop off/on feature in the instrument cluster did not work when checked. My only option is to hit the off button on my center console panel. Anyway, I went back to the dealership today and had them reset the BMS with their scanner tool. Same issue. Ever since I owned my Escape new, I had this auto start/stop feature turned off all the time without using the console button. What gives?
Driving around for eight hours seems rather excessive. You can't go into your settings menu, and disable the auto stop feature, without having to push the button each time?
Have you consulted the owners manual, to see if there is an option/method listed to kill the auto stop?
I don't know why it would change, but you have to start somewhere
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