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Anybody got a 3-D printer that wants to make some money off of it?

I would like to challenge you to come up with something cool for the accessory slot on the side, and the rear of the center consul of Gen II Escape, utilizing that 3-D printer… Maybe a cell phone cradle? I do not like the ones that take up one of the cupholders spaces, the windshield suction cup style, or the vent clip style.
I bet you could pay that printer 3x off if you came up with something cool to sell to Gen II Escape drivers... Right here on this forum ( :

how about a 'dog shield' for the rear recess, that would prevent your puppy from jumping up into the front when you don't want them to....(when you are dressed nice or something)
you could incorporate into that, a tablet/phone holding hook-bungee design that would also allow for rear seat entertainment.

maybe a slim fit ashtray for those with bad habits...

You can produce them on demand, so there would be no backstock you're left with. All you need is somebody with some CAD skills.
Goldmine, just waiting for you!
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