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4 Strings enquiry

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Hello GenX. I have that " Take me away " global trance style song on a cd album. It has the lyrics of basically " Take me away, a million miles away from here ".

Thank you for posting the trance link . I have been curious for ages, as to what the female singer looks like. Performed a search for ' 4 Strings ' on " YOU TUBE " site. Observed some of her film clips. OH ! FAR OUT and WOW! :thumb: :heart: :shades: :yahoo: What an incredibly talented lady. :clap: :clap: Besides having a beautiful singing voice, she has the most incredible body. Also she looks quite stunning.

Once again, my appreciation for providing the video link to this forum. Wish they had a film clip, of her actually singing ' Take me away '. Truly amazing, as to what attributes nature will provide for some people. So that is who sings that track. Yes! i am truly impressed.

Anyway this is my enquiry. Would you by some chance, know what the female singers name is?. Also would she be in her late twenties? Or maybe early thirties age group?

There is another song, with a trance style music background. I have it on a cd. It is by a different female singer. I think the lyrics go like this ' You used to lock the door ' and in one section there is ' Unforgiveable ' ' Never thought it would be easy ' ' you used to try to please me ' ' It aint over till its over '.

Can not find the film clip of her. But i came across it last night. She is driving an early model " Mustang cabriolet " on the highway while singing. Thought it was " Just totally groovy baby " that a mustang was used for her singing video. Sorry about my " groovy baby " phrase. It sort of used to be a popular 1970's down under expression.

If you can find the lady singing in her mustang, i am curious as to what her name is also. :)
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