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hey fourthmeal,

i am looking for a good set of 6.5 components for my front doors. i currently have a zxkicker 350.4 amp with a cvt 8" sub in factory enclosure and 5x7 alpine type s 2way coxials in the front doors. the system sounds pretty decent but i would like some more clarity, highs and mid bass up front. so, i want to get a good set of 6.5 components with crossovers and put my alpine's in the back doors. is there any sound problems with using both components and coxials in the same system? i might end up getting another amp as well if i need to.. so anyways, im looking for something with nice clean crisp tight sound. also, ive seen some component sets with angle basket mounting for the tweeter inside of the woofer. do you think this would be a good choice given the location of the door speakers? it would send the highs upwards instead of into your knees i guess... also i want quality stuff, i dont mind spending some dough on them, hopefully get something decent for around $300?? suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! i listen to mostly rock and house/electro.

thanks again.


(i posted this in another topic but i dont think you saw it)
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