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99 VW Jetta GLX project car

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Well here's my first true project car, one I actually plan on keeping. It's a silver Volkswagen Jetta GLX, last of the Mk. III Jettas in top-of-the-line GLX trim with a VR6 engine and 5 speed transmission. For being 10 years old and fairly neglected by its previous owner, it's in pretty good shape on the outside. Only two small spots of rust I will take care of for now, other than that a good buff and wax job will make it look pretty good.

Interior is 50/50, with the important stuff in good shape (all leather seats and dash are good) and the problem areas are fixable with a little time and money: 2 disfunctional power windows, noncentral locking, crappy aftermarket stereo, missing dash trim pieces, saggy sunroof cover headliner, gnarly looking carpets. The bigger challenge will be under the hood: first known problem is a blown head gasket, and also predicting changing the timing chain while I'm in there. AC works good, it already has a few new components like radiator and electric water pump so I felt confident in shelling out $500 for the car.

Once I get it in good running order I plan on some light modding such as new shocks/ springs, new rims (probebly 17s), retint and upgrade the head unit and add a sub. I'll post more pics once I finish my initial cleaning. Unfortunately, right now I don't have much spare cash so it will probebly be a long process of fixing this up. I have nothing but time though....

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Hello Ajax!. Nice photos there.

Also, best of luck with the car project. :thumb:
Thanks for those photos Ajax.
You are definitely motivated, which is a positive attitude. :clap: :thumb:
Congratulations on your, accomplished objective Ajax!. :thumb: :clap:
Ajax said:

I've run into a major oil leak (and a minor coolant leak) so it's off the road for a little bit til I figure it out. I'll probebly have to pull the intake manifold (you can see how big it is in the previous pictures).

Here's some pics I took a week or so ago, nothing special, just out for a drive.

I started working on the stereo! I picked up a Kenwood KDC-HD942 CD player from Crutchfield (already installed), a Pioneer amp off eBay and a friend is going to give me a 12" sub in a box. The car came with 2 sets of aftermarket Infinity speakers put in by the previous owner, so far I'm not all that impressed but I'll wait until the whole system is done to see if they'll cut it. When I get it all hooked up I'll take some more pics. :thumb:

Still looking for rims.... :)P
Nice photos!. :thumb:
Looks quite presentable that " VW Jetta ". :) :thumb:
Thanks for the photos Eric.
Thanks for the photos Ajax. :shades: :thumb:
1 - 6 of 55 Posts
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