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A few pictures.

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So, having not been to the forum in a while, I figured I'd post a few pictures. Computer shat the bed on me and never went through the trouble of pulling all my bookmarks and stuff off it. Oh well, I'll get to that stuff some other time, now a few pictures. Damn batteries died on me though.
My Escape, roomates WRX Wagon, and a friends Mazdaspeed6:

Removing the airbox/snorkle

Another shot of the process for kicks, with parts of a COBB intake for an Impreza I was thinking of canibalizing (didn't work, coupling's ID was 1/8th inch too small). Note the lack of the snorkel, that stayed off:

And the trip to Dunkin Donuts after puting it all back.

The last two really make me want a lift and slightly larger tires. I would LOVE to be able to fit 30.5inch tires under there with no rubbing. And more bumper clearance with a lift on top of the tires.

And one just for laughs:
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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