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I am not certain but only guessing, in context of the subject title.
The graphics card, has been replaced as, my first repair via extended warranty.
There could be any number of reasons, why the ' QOSMIO ' display gets temperamental.

Anyway my technician, observed the laptop graphics glitching.
The display went haywire, as in quite noticeable.
So now this is the, second time i am sending, the laptop out for repairs. :rant: :cry:

My technician advised, that they might not repair, if it is regarded as not feasible.
In that event, my rental policy allows, for a new replacement lappy.
I definitely want, a notebook of equal specifications

A few shots of current " Qosmio X300 ".
The technician and i suspect, that maybe the graphics card could be a lemon.
He said that possibly, my card might be faulty, as in an odd one out of batch.
I submitted these shots, just in case they do not repair it.


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Sorry to hear about your laptop issues stone. Hopefully, they will swap it out for a more powerful one!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb:
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