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a rant about my 09 escape

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so last week my escape tranny started to act up. when i would hit the gas to pass someone the rpm's would jump up then it would bang into gear. this was on sunday so I took it to a local dealership on the wednesday and was told it was the computer so they flashed it and i was on my home and it was doing it again. now on thursday i took it back again and was told they could not find the problem and that the service manager wanted to take it home over night. So i asked if he would replace my gas and was told no so i told them no he cant take it home and i left with my "broken truck". after a week it was getting worse and i took it back for a 3rd time and got the service manager to go for a test drive with me we left the dealership and didnt even make it past the used car lot when it acted up and he took it right back into the garage. So now i find out today that the left side half shaft is loose, the tranny case is leaking, and a soloniod in the valve body has to be replace that is why my escape would go into gear and then pop right back out. All this and i have only owned my escape for 6 months. :wall:
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i just found out on thursday last week they wount start on in till wed of this week and they have most of the parts in stock and one coming to windsor ont from edmonton
still no word on when ill be getting my escape back now but it looks by the end of next week. they wanted to give me a focus as a rental and i laughed at them and ended up getting a new fusion as a rental after driving it for a few hours i kinda like it lol
well as it sits i am still waiting for parts. But the best part is i went to get something from my truck and noticed my plates were not on the truck so i went inside to ask and they didnt know they were missing. it turns out someone came in late at night and stole my licence plates. good thing is the dealership is paying for new plates. if there is anyone from the windsor on area do not goto performance ford that was my first mistake bringing my escape there only because they are close to my house. :doh:
no it was behind their shop they dont have a fenced lot
i had my escape towed to the dealership where i bought it last week and talked to them today and was told my parts came in early and they also said i could have it back either later today or tomarrow
finally after 3 weeks and 2 dealerships i get my escape back today
the stuff that was fixed on my truck were all tsb's but im just really happy to have it back
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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