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A tip for breaking in your Escape - NOT!

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More like breaking it.

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stone said:
:shrug: :worry: :confused: :( :shock: :shock: :censor: :cuss: :wall: :rant: :cry: :taz: :bang:

Sorry but i, regard that as totally lacking in intellect.
Quite disgusting!.
My sincere apology, if any on here are offended by my reaction.
I would not, plus never have, done that with my escape.
It appears, someone has acres of money to burn.

There is no skill required in burn outs.
It is just a procedure.
Definitely nothing tricky about it.

Let me submit a pretend scenario.
It could be the driver is a millionare.
Maybe because he is so rich, this person is totally bored witless.
For entertainment, he amuses himself with brutal abuse of the escape. :doh:

I regard a burn out as " brutal abuse ".
Obviously tires are expensive.
How much mechanical componentry, would be stressed out?.
My guesses are: Engine. Pistons and tappets.
Automatic gearbox.
Differential and drive train.

Personally i regard treating the escape, to that abuse as quite sad and very futile.
What has been gained?. :shrug:

P.S: Just an afterthought.
Will be at the service techs premises today.
Having my steering system repaired.
Both rack ends will be replaced.
The mechanic, will fit a pair of new rack ends.

Then he will set up, the wheel alignment after.
I want my tires to last.
Apparently it is a, usual thing for escapes down under, to have this repair.

I agree with you. I thought it was pretty stupid.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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