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Abrupt loss of acceleration in pedal

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Started with Trac control lights, both the ‘on’ and the “off” lights had been illuminated along with the ABS indicator light after I had had the parking brake on and for about not even a quarter of a mile drove with it still engaged. That was about 2+ months ago. The last 3-4 days the lights disappeared and when I was at a rolling stop with the brakes slightly engaged I began to attempt to accelerate and the vehicle lurched, and lurched like it was on a few second delay, then kinda slipped into drive as if it didn’t get the signal correctly when pressing the gas pedal. The other day (yesterday) a few different times I had been driving and the Trac light came on like I was on an Icy road and as I was in about a 50-60 mph area started doing the breaking on and off and all by itself when alls I wanted to do was accelerate and there definitely no reason road condition wise why that should’ve came on and activated!! I’ve a call into FORD to get her checked out but does anyone have a similar experience with this happening or know what the hells wrong with this??? BTW, I drive a 2012 escape hybrid…. Thanks for any and all help
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If the traction control is confused, or not working correctly, yes, this can limit the throttle response.
Multiple possible causes. From the speed sensors at each wheel to the ABS unit, etc. I would suggest checking for OBD-II codes.
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