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abs problem

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I had a problem with my 05 limited Escape a few weeks ago. When we would back down the driveway and touch the brakes,any time backing up,never going forward ,the abs would engage. I was aware of the sensor ring problem others were having but ," the in reverse only"problem misled me. :doh: The problem WAS a broken tone ring on the right front axle.It had cracked and started working its way toward the wheel it still was about halfway under the pickup sensor.I guess that is why it only acted up going backward,though I don't understand why. :confused: Once I seen the problem I moved the ring back into place ,went for a road test and the problem was fixed. :yahoo: I returned to my garage. mixed up some 5 minute epoxy placed drops around the edge of the ring to prevent it from moving.Problem solved; :wave: cost $0.00 time 10 minuets. :party:
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COOL, Might be a good fix. Let us know how it lasts!


Does the ring sit on a notch around the axle?
It is a machined surface equal to the inside dia. of the ring with a shoulder the the ring slides back against. hope that makes sense.
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