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ABS sensor Light stays on after E-test

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Went for a safety and a Emission test and went I left the garage the ABS light was on, the guy told me it will reset after driving for 15 minutes , as now been 4 days......
I am driving a 2007 Escape XLT V6 fwd.

Any help please.. thank you
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Thank's I have tried to unplug the battery since they did use the dynamometer but still on :(

As for the Sensor ring I will check it tonight.

Is there a way to reset that sensor light ??
Appreciate your help I will have a look tonight.

Thank you very much
Good morning Im back

Went back last night to the Garage they checked the truck to find out that it was actually the front right wheel speed sensor that needs to be replaced.

I have to wait for a call from the Supervisor of the shop today and discuss if they will absorb the cost.
I told them they would have to since the truck was fine going in and issue when it came out...

They were trying to argue with me that it was not there fault and that those sensors just go like that... but told the guy that to me it wwas caused when they put the truck on the dynamometer.....

Anyway ... good day you all..

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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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