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Thanks for providing the diagram of the belt routing, jpark. I don't know why I couldn't find something similar on the internet. The Haynes manual I just bought doesn't even include a belt routing diagram, which is the reason I bought the manual. The first response asked if the diagram is on the underside of the hood, as you see on a lot of cars. However, this '06 escape lacks the sticker with the diagram.

I bought the car with a salvage title about a week ago. The damage was limited to the front end, which was not too bad. Both fenders are actually okay. However, I need to replace the driver's side air bag, hood, bumper assembly, headlights, radiator/condensor/tranny cooler, radiator fan assembly, and grill. The only engine damage was a cracked starterd and a broken timing cover. My intent is to repair the damage properly and then have the car inspected by the local DMV. After I get the restored salvage title, I'll sell the car. This is my first experience with flipping a salvage-title car.

Oh, question for those of you really familiar with the escape. Now that I replaced the air bag/steering wheel, can I get the air bag module reset or do I have to replace the module? I have the steering wheel mounted, but I didn't connect the two harnesses until I was sure about the module. Oh, and where is the air bag module on this model located? Thanks.
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